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Friendships with Brasilian People – Fazer amizades com brasileiros

This is a serious Blog . 
I am a  brasilian , living in canada about 11 years.   I didn’t make many friends here.
 I am interested to find brazilian friends here for a good friendship, to share experience, knowlodge,
brazilian and canadian recipes, hockey, brazilian soccer and much more.
My husband is from England but has  Canadian citizenship. He likes Amateur Radio , He also likes sailing
camping…etc ., He can teach you  how to make in your yard a  ice skating rink..
I’d like  to see  friendship that  could  develope between  us and we could have a big meeting, a big brazilian party
at least once a year.  Also other things to do as a group.  More the merrier.
I know this is possible.  If you are really interested too to grow  your friendship<s> or new friendships … if you
want can introduce your canadian friend too in my blog how many people want to join to my blog , the more
happy I’ll be.    
Via the Internet, we have met a few couples that we still have great times with, as well great relations.  It has lead to
sites or communitys in Orkut, and Facebook.    Barrie, Innisfil,   also York region from Toronto a few hellos
and some we have met in the Lake simcoe area.   We go to one another’s homes for BBQ’s ,dinners, at special times of
the year..Thanksgiving..New years etc..   This is the basis of what I am trying to create, and I hope you will join.
My name is Maria Eunice Coggon and my husbund is Peter Coggon we live in Georgina – Jackson’s Point – Ontario
close to Lake Simcoe..
My hope is that I will not be disappointed,  in awaiting for you to contact me…   I know there is a big chance NO ONE
will contact me,   for obvious reasons.    I hope too to make new friends here, as well those in touch making new
friends too!
Please join to my Blog we can turn into a big brazilian family orientated community in this area…Ontario…and  Canada.
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